Easy Katy Perry Costume for Halloween - How to Get Katy Perry's Look for Halloween

Get the Katy Perry costume look easy for Halloween. You have some items in your closet already!

It's easy to get a Katy Perry costume look for Halloween. Learn her how you can get Katy Perry's look from just a few items you may even already have in your closet.  You may need to add to the available items you have, but no need to go out and get everything to start!

Basically, how you build a Katy Perry costume easily is by getting something from your closet and pumping it up. Think cutesy clothes, fun accessories, and super sexy shoes. With the right tools, you can get creative and have that Katy Perry look in time for Halloween.

Easy Katy Perry Costume Ideas - Narrow Down Style

Katy Perry has a classic look reflecting the 40's or 50's with a modern twist. Do you have a long, black wig from other costumes you've made for Halloween? If so, just make a good set of bangs on them. Otherwise, get a Betty Page-style wig.

Here's another Halloween idea - go for polka-dotted dresses, shoes, lace trim bras, sequined high-waisted shorts, ruffle trim vintage dresses, and those form fitting satin dresses with bows. Mix and match and it's sure to be nothing but a Katy Perry costume made just for you.

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You likely have at least one of the above clothing articles in your closet somewhere.  Haven't wore it in a while?  Now's the time...pump it up with some other ideas listed below!

How to Get Katy Perry's Costume Look for Halloween - How Sexy Are You Going For?

Most famous right now is the costume Katy wore on her controversial Sesame Street episode that was canceled. Katy wore a low cut yellow dress with a white veil, topped with yellow and white fake flowers on her head. Mimic that and go for "controversial" sexy with that type of costume.

A week after her Sesame Street public saga, Perry appeared on Saturday Night Live. Her costume consisted of a red Elmo shirt with a matching short red plaid skirt. Tie the easy Halloween look together with heavy rimmed glasses and it's a done deal.

You could go for a two-piece swimsuit that has wild colors and covers more than today's actual two-piece bikinis!  Katy Perry tends to stick mostly with the vintage bikini look with high-waisted bottoms and old-fashioned type tops.  What really pulls off the Katy Perry look in a bikini?  A large set of shades!  Get big sunglasses, preferably white-rimmed and there's a sexy costume for Halloween.  Just be sure it's warm wherever you are!

How to Get Katy Perry's Costume Look - Shoes 

Last, but certainly not least - Katy's style of shoes. She wears peep-toe heels, thigh-high boots, and anything cutesy. Katy has that "candy girl" look that is so appealing.  Stick an extra bow on a pair of high heeled shoes if you want. 

Katy Perry's Costume Done Easily

Just think of creating a Katy Perry costume for Halloween as easy, because it is.  We all have clothes that seem worthless to us now, but with some tweaking you can get a super sexy look fast and look just like this rising pop star.

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