Halloween Party Games for Kids

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Weather you are having a kids Halloween Party at home or you are the room mom at your kids school here are a few fun Halloween party games. Here are instructions for playing: Peek a Boo Ghoul, Musical Pumpkin Grab, and a link for instructions on how to p

Weather you are having a kids Halloween Party at home or you are the room mom at your kids school here are a few fun Halloween party games. 

Musical Pumpkin Grab

This fun game is kind of a variation of hot potato. 

What You Need:

1 Hollow Plastic Pumpkin

4 Apples, gourds, or mini pumpkins (lower to 1 or two apples for a smaller party - 4 apples are for the a classroom full of kids.)

Pre-wrapped candies or Halloween Novelty Items from the Dollar Store (Be sure to have at least 5 times the amount as there are kids, so all the kids get some, although some may get more.)

A Halloween spooky sounds or music CD.

Party bags for each of the kids to collect their candy in, can also be used for any other party favors they get. 

How to Play:

Have the kids sit in a circle.  Place the pumpkin full of candy or trinkets in the center of the circle. Then just like in hot potato have the kids pass the apples to the right as you play the music or scary sounds.  Then stop the sounds after a few moments.  Who ever is holding an apple at the time gets to pick out of the pumpkin.  In order to keep things moving quickly especially in a classroom, have the kids count down from 10 to 1 backwards out loud, so those picking out candy have to get it done in 10 seconds.  Kind of peak when doing the music to make sure the candy gets grabbed as evenly as possible.

The game is over when the pumpkin in the center is empty.

Peek a Boo Ghoul

You can usually find gourds for 3 for a dollar or maybe just a tad bit more.  So why not use them in a Halloween game.  If you want to you can glue and eyes, a nose, and a mouth on the gourds to make them look extra silly and ghoulish. 

What You Will Need:

Paper Lunch Bags (one for each kid) they will use these to put their goodies from the party in, obviously you should play this game first.  The kids can decorate the bags later if there is time. 

Three gourds

A table - Usually teachers have a reading or something you can use, and at home you likely have some sort of a card table or a kitchen table. 

Setting Up the Game:

Before the kids come in to the class room or before the party starts. Open all of the lunch bags and place them upside down or open side down on the table so they are standing up.  Randomly place the three gords under 3 of the bags.  Then when the kids get there have them come up and a pick a bag for themselves.  The ones who pick a bag with a gourd under it get to keep the gourd or get another prize.  If you want each kid to get something, you can place a piece of candy or dollar store Halloween toy under each bag, including the ones with the gourds. 

Fishing For Creatures

This game has been wildly successful at school Halloween parties, but would be fun at a home party as well.  It is best to do this one when there is more than one mother helper so another mother helper can be doing another activity with the kids so you only have a few in line at a time.  You can make your own scary creatures, but one year I found some already made foam stickers at the craft store and they worked out great. 

Here are the instructions:  Fishing For Creatures Game

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